Teen accused of slaughtering dogs, goats

DESOTO COUNTY (WLBT) - A Desoto County teenager is charged with a number of car break-ins and for shooting into a house. But more disturbingly, 17-year-old Ryan Thornell of Walls is also accused of killing dogs and goats on two different properties last week.

A yellow lab named little bear that you see here was shot to death in his owner's front yard Tuesday morning.

The dog's owner says she heard several shots and saw a young man with a gun run into the woods behind the family's home.

She cannot comprehend why someone would intentionally slaughter defenseless animals like her dog and her neighbor's livestock.

"What he did, I mean, what he did a lot of people are suffering the consequences of what he did," said dog owner Sherri James.

Desoto County deputies expect more arrests related to a rash of crimes in the area, including 15 car burglaries in just the last two weeks.

Thornell is being held on a $43,000 bond.

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