Fizzmo: "Does It Work?"

Do you get tired of throwing away flat soda? We all know soda starts losing its fizz when carbonation is released after opening the bottle. This week, we're testing a little gizmo called Fizzmo.

The makers claim it can stop that carbonation from leaking out. Question is... "Does It Work?"

The Fizzmo is part handle, part pour spout and valve... and then there's the curious black rubber bulb. Three to six squeezes are supposed to pump enough air into your soda bottle to stop the slow carbonation leak. We'll see about that, but it's going to take a little time... and we figure 3 bottles of Coke to really put that claim to the test.

We start by opening one bottle of Coke, pouring some of it out and screwing on the Fizzmo in place of the cap. 5 squeezes of the bulb and it's set.

The second bottle of Coke, we open as well. We pour some out, and simply put the lid back on tightly.

The third bottle stays closed and brand new.

All three bottles go into the refrigerator for 4 days.

Four days later, we pour samples from each Coke in distinctive cups and start "blind" taste testing.

The results were mixed.

About half the people thought the Coke from the Fizzmo bottle compared with the brand new, unopened Coke.

The other half thought the Fizzmo Coke was flat and compared more closely with the Coke that was opened with nothing but the regular lid to hold in the fizz.

Some of our volunteers "detected" the taste of Diet Coke in one of the samples. One said "caffeine free". Others experienced no difference at all.

"Does It Work?" We give the Fizzmo, a "maybe".

You can buy a Fizzmo online for about 8 dollars. Sometimes, they're available in discount stores.