Van Zandt County Constable Tackles Mailbox Vandalism

It's a crime that's becoming all too common in Van Zandt County. Since school let out in May, county law officials have investigated more than 200 cases of mailbox vandalism.

The crimes have left law enforcement officials and county residents equally frustrated. Constable C.B Wiley says most of the boxes are struck with baseball bats and hard objects. But on occasion, he'll find some riddled with bullet holes. His office has adopted a zero tolerance policy in dealing with the vandals.

"We're going to prosecute all of them to the full extend to the law," he says. The penalty range runs the gamut, Wiley adds. A repeat offender with multiple cases under his belt could get a third degree felony charge and time in jail. More often, offenders receive Class C-Misdeamenor citations.

Van Zandt county resident, Becky Spitzer says she's growing impatient with the problem. Her box was hit three times just last week.

"My husband can usually pop the dents out of them, but they're still messed up," she says. "You know you can't have anything nice. If you buy another one, they're just going to smash it."