Missionary murdered, family remembers last wish

By Sara Story - bio | email

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas family is in desperate need of help this holiday season. Elisabeth Loua of Jacksonville lost her husband a month ago when he was brutally murdered in Guinea in Africa. He had returned to their native country to spread the Gospel and pave a way for his family to come home. Sunday, the mother of three said she's expecting her husband's Christmas wish to come true this week.

"Telling me all the time, 'Just keep praying. I will be back before the baby is born," Elisabeth Loua said.

It was his final wish, but 47-year-old Michael Loua will not be home to see it come true. The birth of his fourth child, a baby boy, is expected this week.

"His first name will be Michael," Elisabeth said.

Elisabeth said her family moved from Guinea, Africa to Texas so Michael could go to school. He received his masters from the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary in Jacksonville. His dream was to return home and spread the Gospel.

"He was someone that would tell the Gospel to everyone, and he wanted the country to change," Elisabeth said.

Elisabeth said Michael traveled back and forth from Africa to Texas, working on his mission and finding a home for his family. On his fourth trip back to Guinea, the unthinkable happened.

"They arrested him," Elisabeth said.

Two days before his court date, the missionary was shot.

"We don't know what he did. We don't know who did that to us," Elisabeth said.

Still in shock, Elisabeth must find a way to move forward. She says the support from the East Texas community is overwhelming, but she fears the future. Elisabeth is currently unemployed but hopes to pursue her career as a nurse. Most of all, she wants the best for her children.

"My hope is that He can help me give me the wisdom to raise them like He wants," Elisabeth said.

If you want to help the Loua family, an account has been set up at Austin Bank. Donations can be made in honor of Michael Loua.

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