Family Watches News Of Raid With Interest

A Longview family watched the reports of the fire fight today with special interest. We first introduced you to Keith and Paula Parker just before the war in Iraq began. Their son, Kacey, is in the 101st Airborne Division. The Parkers say waiting to hear if their son is alive or dead is agonizing.

Keith and Paula Parker kept their eyes glued to news reports of Tuesday's raid in Mosul. They just may have got a comforting surprise. "God bless that looks like him right there. That looks just like Kacey right there," the Parker's react to what they think is an image of their son on CNN news.

That possible sighting of their son Kacey is a special blessing. On Sunday two soldiers from the 101st division were killed when their convoy was attacked. Paula's husband delivered that news. "I walked into the house and Keith said 'Paula the 101st has been hit but we don't know anything,'" says Paula. Since then the Parker's have kept their telephones close by, waiting to hear.

"You have that fear. You see something on the news and it's a dull pain that never goes away," says Keith. "We have to, in turn, put our son's life in God's care and believe that whatever God sees fit is what we live with," says Paula.

Keith and Paula last heard from their son by telephone on Saturday. He told them he and the other soldiers were mentally and physically exhausted. The Parkers say it's time our soldiers come home. "We support Bush all the way, but it's time to rotate these soldiers," says Paula.

For now all they have to hold on to are his letters. "Yes the war is over but casualties still happen around our parts you know. The feeling of being scared for any reason... I'm so tired of being scared for my life," Paula reads a recent letter from her son.

Whatever the future holds, the Parkers say they will continue to pray for and support all of America's soldiers. So far, there is no official word on when the 101st Airborne Division will be able to return home. The Parkers say they hope Kacey will be back by September to attend his sister's wedding.

Amy Tatum reporting.