Daingerfield wins 3rd straight in dramatic finish

Posted by Coleman Swierc

MANSFIELD, TX (KLTV) - The second half wasn't pretty.

But the last play sure was.

"We never quit in Daingerfield," said quarterback Tyler Boyd, "I knew we could score, and when I saw him break open, I just threw it up, and he got it."

Boyd hit Keyarris Garrett on a 69 yard touchdown with 26 seconds to play, as Daingerfield won their 3rd straight state title, 33-27 over Cameron Yoe.

"I told Tyler to get run Red 4," said Garrett, "Then I saw the coaches already called it, and I knew if he got it to me, it would be a touchdown."

They Yoemen had rallied from 27-13 down, scoring 14 in the 4th, to tie the game with 55 seconds left.

Then Boyd hit Garrett for their second touchdown hookup of the day.

Boyd threw 4 touchdowns in the win.

Steve Edmond and Darrin Terry had the other receiving touchdowns, as the Tigers led 27-13 at halftime.

The Daingerfield offense did little to nothing for the majority of the 2nd half, until the Boyd bomb, gave them the win.

"We put it in the hands of our playmakers," said head coach Barry Bowman, "And they made a play, there is nothing else to say, it is just awesome."

Daingerfield becomes the 12th team in Texas high school football history to win three straight championships.

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