Dog owner makes a large warning sign for a neighbors dog

By Annette Falconer –email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A dog fight in Smith County last week, led one neighbor to make a large wooden warning sign and placed it in his front yard.

Rock Ward was on a walk with his dog, Wolfgang, when a pit bull came running towards him and attacked his dog. The owner of the pit bull, Collins Tully says his pit bulls, Trouble and Ripper, usually stay inside, except for this time. "They just happened to be in the yard with me all day long, and the dog did go down and fight the other dog, but dogs are dogs."

Ward still feels like it is important to warn the neighbors of the fight, to prevent from another one happening. He said, "It at least makes people aware, and that's why I put it out there, I just wanted to make everyone aware. I'm concerned about the children over here...they wait for the bus, and I'm concerned for them." Tully says his dog, Trouble, has been around kids since he was a puppy, and despite the name of his dog, he is not a menace. He said, "I wish, he didn't put the sign up, it's kind of a nuisance, but the dogs are not a menace he's a good dog."

Collins was given a warning by the Smith County sheriff's office. Any time his animals leave his property they must be on a leash...or he could face a fine.

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