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Oxygen Helps Diabetics

Michael McNeely has type 2 diabetes. A few weeks ago he got a blister on his foot. It turned into a large, open wound.

"My foot was swollen and I had an infection," says McNeely.

His doctor suggested he try an oxygen compression chambers to heal his wound. Once he's locked inside, the glass tube fills up with one hundred percent pure oxygen. When it happens it's almost like he's 33 feet below sea level.

"You're submerged in oxygen. You're basically treated as if you have the bends. The compressed air is what creates the healing effect," says Michael.

He says it feels like he's on an airplane.

"You have the equalization of pressure like you are traveling in an airplane. They give you a bottle of water so you're ears can pop," he explains.

He's locked in the chamber for 90 minutes, and the oxygen actually heals up his wound.

"It provides these wounds with new blood cell growth and provides them with getting infection fighting cells to this area to help cure infections," explains Dr. Evans Smith.

After 20 treatments, Michael's wound is almost healed. Now he can walk again and go back to work. He says it's the best treatment available for diabetic wounds.

"Without it you're going to hurt longer, be incapacitated longer. If its possible, take care of it with this treatment."

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