Eat Pizza, Help the Red Cross

You can help out a local charity tonight just by eating pizza. This Monday night is Red Cross night at two Pizza Huts in Tyler. On the third Monday of every month you can eat dinner at Pizza Hut knowing 20% of your money will help the Red Cross.

The money from the pizza dinner will help all of the families in smith county recovering from disasters.

"They give money to go spend back in the community buying clothes and food," says Susan Campbell with the Red Cross of Smith County. "You know, what they're going to need to start immediately recovering what they're suffering from because it's so traumatic and that gives back to the community. I think it's really an inspirational circle of giving."

You can support the Red Cross at the Pizza Hut on South Broadway across from the Super Wal-Mart, and at the Pizza Hut across from the mall on the loop in Tyler.

Red Cross night lasts from five until nine. And remember you can help the Red Cross by eating at Pizza Hut the third Monday of every month.

Dana Dixon Reporting