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Deadly Baby Cribs

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV)-  After more than 30 infants and toddlers have died in the past decade, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has outlawed the sale of drop-side cribs.

Many manufacturers were already phasing out the cribs because they have been under scrutiny for malfunctioning, breaking and becoming a death trap, essentially.

According to the CPSC certain drop-side cribs have had rails partially detach creating a "V" like gap between the mattress and side rail where the baby then can fall, get caught and suffocate.

"Oh that's scary, that's frightening," said Cassandra Wages, concerned mother

The CPSC voted unanimously to raise the bar on safety standards when it comes to cribs. Effective in six months it will be illegal to manufacture or sell a traditional drop-side crib.

"As far as them removing them off the market if they think its linked to causing deaths I don't see why it's a bad idea," said Wages.

The standards will require mattresses to have a stronger support, hardware must be more durable and cribs will be subject to more rigorous safety tests.

"I do try to keep up with safety recalls and things with different manufacturers anytime you buy something its always wise to double check because maybe it hasn't been removed off the shelf," said Wages.

If you already have a drop-side crib the CPSC advises you to constantly check your cribs to make sure the screws are in place. If your crib has been recalled you can get a free immobilization device from the manufacturer to keep the rail from going up or down.

Cassandra Wages says its all about being well informed.

"I usually check the websites if I buy something new to make sure the safety features are appropriate and I even check with consumer reports as well," said Wages.

Hotels and child care centers, like day cares and churches, will have two years to replace their cribs.

If you are a owner of a drop-side crib and no longer find a need for the crib it's best to dispose of it to make sure you're not passing a hazard to someone else.


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