Eisley Returns For Tyler Homecoming

It's been six weeks on the road for Eisley. This weekend, Tyler's "Next Big Thing" was back in town.

"Doing the Brew-Tones show here was really fun," explains Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist for the band. "It was like our first show, so it was a sentimental thing to play back here. There were tons of people I hadn't seen in months!"

It was a homecoming for 21 year-old Chauntelle, her little brother, two younger sisters, and the family friend that make up the band Eisley. Two packed shows at the Vinyard brought them back from a nationwide tour with Coldplay that saw the Tyler band play such famous venues as Red Rocks, Madison Square Garden, and the Hollywood Bowl.

"I loved being on the road," Chauntelle says. "It was kind of sad when we had to leave but it's good being back home and seeing everybody."

Over the last year, the group has been featured in Entertainment Weekly Magazine, played before thousands, signed with Warner Brothers, and is heading overseas to play "V-Fest" in front of sixty thousand people. This much success for a band twenty-one and under is amazing, but the girls don't see it yet.

"We still consider ourselves a baby band," Chauntelle laughs. "I don't really feel like we've arrived yet."

This was be Eisley's last appearance in East Texas for quite a while. The group will play an anniversary concert in Dallas in August, then head overseas. After that, they'll keep touring while working on their first full-length album for Warner Brothers.

This weekend was one last time to come home before things really start to take off for the family that plays together.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.