An elderly East Texas man's act of kindness backfired

By Jena Johnson - bio | email | Twitter

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – An elderly East Texas man's act of kindness backfired. The 68-year-old man is recovering after he was beaten and robbed in his own home.

The brutal attack happened on Yorkshire Drive in Smith County on Monday, when a man knocked on his door, asking to use his phone, then demanded money.

Neighbors and close friends of the victim tell KLTV that they're angry someone would hurt such a kind man. Now, they're hoping police find the man responsible for beating their friend.

Beth Hendrick says her neighbor has always been very generous.

"He's such a good man, and he's always helping people out," said Hendrick.

Monday night was no different.

"He went to answer the door and the dude said 'hey man, can I borrow your phone? My car broke down,'" Hendrick tells us.

But what happened after he let the man in his home, Hendrick calls frightening.

"Started hitting him, saying give me your money, and as soon as he got the money, they were out the door. I cannot believe someone would go into his house do something like that," Hendrick remarked.

Shortly after the attack, Hendrick received a frantic phone call.

"We got a phone call from him saying someone had robbed him and we went over to check on him and there was blood all over his head and his shoulder was out of place," Hendrick explained.

On Tuesday, James Pierce came by to check on his hurt friend, but there was no answer. Pierce's friend was at the doctor's office.

"I hope he's doing really good. I hope it's nothing serious because he's a good guy. I've known him for years and he'd help you do anything," Pierce says.

Hendrick tells us her neighbor has always been a giving person, and that she'll be keeping a close watch on her neighbor's home, and an even closer eye on who is walking through her neighborhood.

"You feel sorry for them. You don't want to just leave them out there in the cold, but after that happened I think if someone knocks on my door they are going to be standing out there because I'm not going to answer," Hendrick proclaimed.

The suspect is described as a bald, white male, between the age of 27-32. He's around 6'2" and weighs about 200 lbs.