Not your ordinary Christmas decorations

By Samantha Jordan - email

WHITEHOUSE,TX (KLTV) - Nothing makes the holiday season brighter than Christmas lights and one East Texas family is taking that philosophy one step further.

The Bateman's home in Whitehouse is attracting people, like moths to a flame.

Even though it make look like your typical Christmas decorated home there's something that sets it apart.

Their Christmas lights are synched to the music on the radio.  All you have to do is tune into FM 88.3 and you'll see the lights move along with the songs.

"I think mostly everybody likes to looks at lights and it just gets them in the Christmas spirit," said Bryan Bateman, Homeowner.

He says this all started about three  years ago when he got the idea from a friend who had a smaller setup at his home. However a set up of this proportions takes more than one person to create.

"Seven days, ten hour days with a crew to get it out but that's having to change all the lights on the figurines that took a long time,"said Bateman

Bateman says each string of lights is controlled by a computer that tells the lights what to do.

"There are eight  boxes with 16 circuits each so they dictate which lights come on according to the music," said Bateman.

Although it takes the Bateman family a week to get the decorations ready to go  for Christmas, they say they will continue to do this for years to come.

"I enjoy doing it and enjoy everyone having a good time watching it," said Bateman.

The Bateman family invites everyone to come out and enjoy the light show at their home. The lights go on at 5:30 PM  and run until 10:30 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends until New Years.

Their home is on Southpoint Rd in Whitehouse near Lake Tyler.

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