Girl Home after Freak Tree Accident

11-year-old Catherine "Cat" Owens was in danger of having her left leg amputated because of a freak accident involving a fallen tree limb. Doctors at LSU Med-center in Shreveport were able to save the leg and Catherine is talking about walking again... But through the long process of recovery come medical bills.

That's what Saturday's event addressed. It was May 25th that Catherine was playing in a neighbors house when a dead tree branch crashed through the roof and speared her leg, breaking several bones.

Today, she is at home in Glenwood acres and attended a fundraiser Bar-B-Que to raise money to help the family help pay medical bills. Her father Robert is wheelchair bound and her mother stays home to take care of them both.

Aside from medicines and hospital visits the family also needs a vehicle to transport Cat to L-S-U. But all of the hardships haven't dampened the families spirits.

If you would like to help the family you can make a donation to an account set up in the name of Catherine Owens at the First National Bank of Gilmer.