Jump Roping - Not Your Ordinary Sport

Jumping rope isn't all fun and games at Mineola Elementary. The school has one of the top jump roping teams in the nation.

The kids practice their special tricks every day. All of the kids can jump rope and do double dutch at fast speeds. Many of them spin the rope three times before their feet every touch the ground.

All of the kids have a speciality. Some of them do individual routines where the do cartwheels and jump on one leg while jumping rope. Others can lie on the ground and jump rope on their backs.

For months the kids practiced and they eventually qualified for the national tournament in Orlando, Florida.

One of the double dutch teams hopped home with a 10th place ribbon.

All of the kids had a great time.

The kids give free jump roping shows for local schools and organizations; call 903-569-2466.