A Better East Texas: Christmas greeting

I never thought growing up that I would ever have trouble or even hesitate wishing someone a Merry Christmas, but it happened! Shame on me. I hesitated wondering if I would offend another person's belief system or if it was just more of a statement than a greeting. Shame on me. Christmas has become too commercialized – I have heard that all my life - so it must be that the political sensitivity got me. I see catalogs and direct mail pieces that speak of holiday sales. Not Christmas sales, but holiday sales. We have indeed over commercialized Christmas right out of the message circle in just about everything we do. Well, I would like to change that, if for no one else, but me. So as I consider the typically sterile Facebook postings, email signatures and especially face-to-face relationships I will not hesitate to deliver the greeting – Merry Christmas.  It is not intended to offend or make a political statement, but rather the greeting is just an expression of the heart for anyone within an earshot to hear. So maybe we will hear the expression a little more this year – Merry Christmas – and that will make for a Better East Texas.