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"Dream Diet" uses imaginary eating to cut calories

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Call it portion control before even picking up a plate. No drugs, no tricks, nothing but the power of your mind.

A new medical study could have you eating a bit healthier come Christmas meal. It's been nicknamed the "Dream Diet."

Researchers asked volunteers to spend 90 seconds imagining chewing and swallowing 30 M&M's one by one. A second group was asked to imagine eating only 3 or none at all. When the volunteers were told to eat the candy, those who imagined eating 30 ate half as much as the second group.

Scientists say for the same reason you get used to the annoying sound of a plane engine, imaginary eating can decrease your desire for a specific food. Dieticians tell us more research is needed but acknowledge the power of the mind.

The study also says where you eat can have an impact. Scientists say meals eaten in front of a TV or near crowds can disrupt the food imagining process.

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