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Van City Council meets on proposed pit bull ban

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

Douglas Wolfe has been leading a charge to ban pit bulls in Van since his granddaughter was attacked in late October. On Wednesday night, the Van City Council heard from Wolfe, and from several pit bull owners about the idea of banning the breed.

While there were some pretty strong opinions voiced in Wednesday night's city council meeting, the tone stayed civil and quiet.

But that wasn't the case outside.

A group came all the way from Ft. Worth, with their three pit bulls, because they'd heard about the situation in Van.

"We've been hearing a lot through the media about what's been going on," said Sharon Kanopka of Ft. Worth. "Unfortunately, the circumstances are very sad. We never want to take away when somebody's injured. But the whole point behind this is the education."

According to the people speaking inside, education means showing people that one breed isn't responsible.

Bad owners are.

"People have to be responsible," said Vicki Cooper-Springer of Murchison. "We don't want to blame a breed, we want to blame the deed."

Ultimately, no action was taken at the meeting. But the council decided to form a four person committee--two council members, two citizens--to research the issue and come back in March. Douglas Wolfe told us that he's just glad people are taking this seriously.

"Even I didn't expect to get a total ban," Wolfe said. "But, did that not get everybody here, did we not get it rolling? Now, something will be done to prevent these attacks."

And local residents, who also brought their dogs, are hoping preventing attacks doesn't turn into banning their pets.

After the meeting, the city asked Douglas Wolfe to be part of the four person committee and he agreed. He also tells us that his granddaughter is doing well after the October attack.

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