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Churches reaction to suspects decision to waive jury trial

By Annette Falconer –email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Nearly a year after the east Texas church fires happened, some church's found that forgiving is not easy to do. Tyland Baptist church lost everything in the fire, including their foundation.

Now with a plea hearing set for next week, Pastor Mahfood says this challenging year they have had will finally come to an end. "We know what we're supposed to do, we know what we feel, there's sometimes a gap between those two points. So it's been a process it really has. I'd love to tell you we were immediately forgiving at the moment but we weren't, we're human," said Pastor Mahfood.

Pastor Camilla Charles Fellowship Church in Lindale, was partially set on fire. She has a different path of forgiveness than other churches. Charles said, "They're going to have to face the consequences that are in our court system that's in place that's going to bring about the justice. That is going to happen for them, but we forgive them".

Both church's are moving forward with hope, and trying to allow the troubled past, stay in the past.

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