Three Arrested In Longview Burglary And Car Chase

Three men attempted to burglarize a pawn shop on Longview's Loop 281 around 5:30 this morning, breaking off a lock in the back of the building to gain access.  They were spotted when police answered a silent alarm. The men allegedly stole heavy sound equipment speakers, then led police on a short car chase, eventually called off by officers in the interest of public safety.

23 year old Christopher Slaughter was arrested after crashing his car out on Fairmont at Dartmouth Street. Two brothers were arrested later-- Joseph and Jeffery Easley, both 25.  They are two brothers in a set of triplets.

Police say previous charges against one or all of the triplets have been dropped in the past, because of difficulty in determining who is who!

About $1500 in stolen property has been recovered and police are still investigating.

Police are still looking for the third brother in the triplet set to see what, if any involvement he has in the crime.