East Texans Welcome Christmas Zombies

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- For one East Texas town, a movie company comes in at the right time to give a shot in the arm to their Christmas economy. A movie crew has become the talk of the town in Pittsburg.

"Pittsburg is zombiefied," says one resident.

"Absolutely had a blast with the crew and the actors they are all really good people," says Pittsburg business owner Yvonne Penn.

Crews from Ink Bug Entertainment Productions are shooting a film called 'Humans Versus Zombies' at several town locations, sometimes eating lunch in costume.

"What we like about it is that its like Norman Rockwell meets a zombie movie, beautiful small town America, overtaken by the dead," says Ink Bug producer Bruce Cahn.

The film is based on a popular college game, that turns out not to be a game , when the undead start to show up.

"Its been great cast and crews been great, its been a great boost for Pittsburg businesses, come at a great time," says Pittsburg mayor Sean Kennington.

The city has rolled out its best for the movie , which is using locals as extras .

"Its been a real shot in the arm for us to have something like this in Pittsburg a real economic boost," Penn says.

"We a going to spend around $140-160,000 in the community, you East Texans have been great and the Northeast Texas Film Commission the main reason we're here apprising us of the area," Cahn says.

Cameramen , technicians and actors will spend 4 weeks shooting, and spending their money locally. The film is expected to be in theatres by mid-summer 2011.

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