Identity thief buys a car using Tyler residents information

By Annette Falconer –email

Jacksonville, TX (KLTV) - Thefts can do everything from ruining your credit to costing your whole identity. One east Texas woman, Jennifer Adams, had a credit score go from eight hundred to two hundred when her social security number was stolen.

Adams had a series of phone calls asking for a Jennifer, but with the wrong last name. At first, Adams thought it was someone dialing a wrong number, until she got a call from a repo man wanting to collect her car that she didn't even own. He gave her the correct address she lived and worked at, and even had a correct social security number. After talking to the police, Adams received news that her identity had been stolen and they bought a twenty eight thousand dollar car using her personal information and social security number. The police also confirmed Adams had 22 accounts of delinquency, which included the car, nineteen credit cards, two apartment rental places, and a judgement against her.

Adams spent weeks searching phone numbers and names to get closer to finding the girl who stole her identity. Finally, she talked to an employee of the apartment building the thief was renting at, under Adams name. The employee agreed to be a witness for Adams in her case.

The thief was convicted and sentenced to five years of probation, but Adams still has a long way to go to get her life back on track.

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