Restrictions of a Salesman

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -  The process to amend the solicitation ordinance all started after police got several complaints about the sales techniques used by door to door solicitors.

"This past summer and the past fall we received numerous complaints from citizens about some aggressive or what I would call aggressive solicitation in and around the neighborhoods," said Gary Swindle, Tyler Police Chief

Chief Gary Swindle proposed the changes he felt were needed.

"Those hours are now 10 am to sunset Monday through Saturday solicitation is not allowed on Sunday or major holidays and those holidays are listed on the ordinance," said Chief Swindle.

With the new rules homeowners who post a "No Solicitation" sign are allowed to call the police if solicitors bother them.

They can also be ticketed.

"I like it because a lot of people we work different shifts at different jobs and when you come home you want to relax you don't want to worry about someone knocking at your door at 6 O' clock in the morning and waking you up," said Nancy Mills, Tyler Resident.

However, not everyone in the community feels the change is necessary.

"Going door to door there's nothing wrong with that but I understand you want your privacy and your space I understand that but to me it is a little harsh," said Treston Blount, Tyler Resident

Right now, changing the new rules will be a hard sell. The solicitation ordinance will apply to all Tyler residents whether you live in a house, apartment or duplex. The ordinance will go into effect next week.

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