Church Members Lend Helping Hand To Needy Families

They've been tearing down and re-building. It's all part of mission week for First United Methodist church in Hallsville.

More than 100 people have donated their time and skills this week to do some major home renovations for needy families. Church members are learning that a giving spirit brings them a gift as well.

On Saturday a home on farm to market road 450 in Hallsville looked run down. The yard was unkept and there were rotten boards through-out. But church members decided to do something about it.

"This is the first time that we have decided to do something called a mission week," says associate pastor, Susan Hageman.

This is just one of four houses the church members are renovating this week, instead of simply enjoying their summer vacation.

"There's a lot of painting going on and I've ripped up the carpet," says Katherine Hageman.

"It's someone in our community who needs our help and I have the time to help so this is how I chose to spend my time helping," says another church worker.

"We've learned a lot about each other. I think people have been thrilled to see their Christian brothers and sisters responding to the call for help and coming down and working beyond what they thought they could do. Pushing their physical limitations getting hot and sweaty and doing something they believe in," says Susan Hageman.

Although the house still has several days of renovations left. The volunteers have already turned this old house into a home.

Amy Tatum reporting.