"Just look for somebody without a leg"

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TYLER, TX (KLTV)- An East Texas woman has had it up to here with people stealing her property. Linda Frias of Tyler has come up with an unusual plan to trap a trespasser. She says the only thing stopping her from putting bear traps all over her property are the police.

"The bear trap is huge, I mean it is big," said Frias.

But Linda Frias is not talking about trapping a bear. She's talking about people trespassing onto her land, stealing her property.

"What I wanted to do was get some bear traps and they sell them around here," she said. "I wanted to hide them underneath that travel trailer right there on those steps and put me some leaves and stuff and let the caretaker know that they were there that way when I heard it go off or heard somebody yell we know we'd caught them."

Frias says she's spotted prowlers rummaging around her property.

"It was enough because it was spooky because I saw the guy out in the front yard about 15 until midnight the night before," said Frias.

The following night, they returned. Only this time they weren't just looking around.

"They broke into my Land Rover, you little skunks and got my Kenwood stereo out," said Frias. "I worked hard you know to save up to pay the guy to put it in."

To trap a trespasser, she says, would not be a pretty sight. At least not for them.

"You got your perpetrator because he aint going no where...you might have his leg left there, but just look for somebody without a leg."

For Frias, this is just wishful thinking. Turns out, setting booby traps are illegal. "I don't want to break the law, but what am I supposed to do?" she said.

Until she figures out her next plan, she'll keep her eyes peeled.

"I'm fixin' to buy me some binoculars. I aint got nothing else to do so I can kind of look and watch everything."

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