Where do Power Balance Bands get their power?

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's the bracelet promising to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Power bands are endorsed by dozens of professional athletes and have gone from a novelty item to a multimillion dollar business.

But where does the power come from?

He can't explain it, but Daniel Gardiner is a power band believer. "I had heard of other people playing with them before and I was like there's no way, but put it on and it worked," said Gardiner.

A sore back kept him from playing a full round of golf, now 18 holes isn't a problem. Each bracelet comes with 2 holograms designed to react to your body's natural energy field, or energy flow, or something similar to an Eastern philosophy.

Daniel McLaren is a power band doubter, but he was willing to give it a try through 3 tests the company uses to prove band effectiveness. One try without the band, one try with, turning Daniel the doubter into a potential customer. "Might have to get me one of these," said McLaren.

Fitness experts say the band's claims may be made true in the mind.

"We're looking for the same solution to a problem when in reality the main solutions come from the hard work we put into it," said Reagan Harris with Trinity Mother Frances Sports Medicine.

As for an explanation on the hologram technology. "I'm inconclusive," said Harris. "I don't have exact answers on that you can do the research and decide yourself."

For band wearers like Daniel, the only proof he needs is a lack of back pain. "Golf game is still pretty terrible but it's much more enjoyable now," said Gardiner. "It could be placebo effect I'm not sure, but sometimes placebo just as good as the real thing."

Finish Line, who carries the bands in their stores nationwide won't comment on power band effectiveness. They do tell us customers looking for a performance edge or a fashion statement have made the bands a popular stocking stuffer for around $30 this holiday season.

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