Snow could fall across East Texas tonight

By Mark Scirto, Chief Meteorologist | bio | email

As of 11PM...most of the precipitation falling from the sky is in liquid form...but that could change at anytime after midnight or so...especially over the far northern sections of East Texas. Overnight tonight for the northeastern half of East Texas, temperatures should remain slightly above freezing in most areas, but the freezing level is very near the ground…so any precipitation that falls through the lower levels should fall as a very cold, light rain or snow. Due to the dry air at the surface, most of the precipitation should indeed fall as snow. This may not be the time to break out the sleds or ice skates, but there is at least a chance for the snow to fall overnight. No major travel issues are expected as the ground is WELL ABOVE FREEZING…however as in any precipitation event, roads will become slick…just from being wet.

As the sun rises tomorrow morning, we should see the upper level low pressure system moving well to our east…and with it the chances for any additional rain or snow. Stay tuned…..

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