Soldier reunites with young daughter

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was the surprise of the year for an East Texas first grader when an unexpected visitor popped by her classroom. Her dad has been fighting in Afghanistan, and today was the first time she saw him in nearly a year.

6-year-old Isis Timmons father, Jonathan Timmons, was deployed to Afghanistan last spring, and when he showed up at her class today, she was literally speechless.

"It's a boost of moral to be able to stay in touch with your family as much as possible, because you never know, the next day you could be gone," Jonathan said.

Timmons is stationed in Afghanistan. He's served in the army for six years and spent his first tour in Iraq. As Isis grabbed hold of her dad, her mom, Euvon, said the 6-year-old didn't know this moment would be today.

"That's all she talks about, 'Well, my daddy is in Afghanistan, and he fights the bad guys.' When she sees people at Walmart, she says 'My daddy wears that suit,'" Euvon said.

This is the first time in months this family has seen each other in person, but the Timmons say technology makes separation a little bit easier.

"We've run Internet through all of our tents, so each soldier can use his own personal computer to send e-mails, talk to his family and stay in touch with anyone he wants to," Jonathan said.

"I even have a DVD of him reading Green Eggs and Ham to me," Isis said.

"Before he deployed, he was able to read her a book on DVD. So whenever she wants to see dad, she reads along with the book," Euvon said.

Monday, Isis got to read with her dad in person.

Timmons will be home for two weeks before he returns to Afghanistan.

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