A Better East Texas: Wikileaks

The website Wikileaks recently posted another 250-thousand additional documents that have been, up to now, classified or even secret in nature. The documents detail some of the behind the scenes goings on between the U-S and other countries as well as details surrounding the Iraq and Afghanistan war efforts. Many of the documents are unflattering to say the least to the U-S government and military. This is the second internet posting by the Wikileaks group which boldly operates out of a bunker in Iceland. I understand the push of a government to be transparent, but we live in world that is not transparent and our enemies are not transparent. The person or persons responsible for these leaks needs to be tried for treason. An army private is in custody and has been for months, but it is obvious that the safeguarding systems that should prevent this from happening failed. With that being the case, the potential punishment for future leaks should carry the strongest of penalties and perhaps that will serve as a deterrent. Also, the operator of Wikileaks needs to be arrested and his site somehow disabled. We have got to find a way to keep matters of national security, well, secure, and that will make for a Better East Texas.