Fire damages Troup fire fighter's home

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TROUP, TX (KLTV) - In what can only be described as a cruel twist of irony, an East Texas fire fighter's family loses their home in a fire early Monday morning.

The fire happened on Highway 110 South, just North of FM 344 in Troup.

Officials say the family was burning a fire in their fireplace, and that's where the destructive fire originated.

A Troup fire fighter peeks his head in his home as a crew works to put out hotspots.

"Got to make sure everything is totally out," said Constable Dustin Rust, close friend of the family.

Rust says it's a sight he hates to see. "Especially when it's someone who usually responds to the calls you know to help you out it's a little different," he said.

Fire officials were able to fill the family's garage with a few items saved from the flames. In the corner of the garage sits a charred statue with an angel watching over a fireman.

The family says somehow during the fire, a pillow bursts and white feathers landed on the angel's wings. A father's day gift, the family now calls a sign of hope.

"I think the whole situation was," said Rust. "The fact that he was woken up and dispatched to a call this morning that he didn't have to go to. I don't think he normally would have woken up to this instance maybe it'd be a little too late."

Could it be that wake up call that saved this family's life? Or possibly this angel watching over a fire fighter? Whatever it may be, rust says he's thankful his friend's family made it out the door.

"It's always bothersome to see anyone in this position, but it gets to you a little more to actually know who they are," said Rust.

The family says they plan to rebuild. They're not asking for donations, only prayers from the community.

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