Dish Doctor: "Does It Work?"

If doing the dishes was a fun chore, you wouldn't have to pay the kids to do it. The electric dishwasher has changed things a lot, but as we all know, you still have to "do" the dishes before you "do the dishes". This week we take a look at a product called the "Dish Doctor"... and we ask the question "Does It Work?"

A couple of months ago, we got a nice letter in the mail from a senior citizen, a lady in Longview who says she has carpel tunnel syndrome. She also has arthiritis. She says washing the dishes is a real chore, especially when she has to get down in there and scrub a lot. She sent us an ad out of a Walgreens flyer for something called the Dish Doctor. She says if it worked, it would really help her out a lot and she wanted us to test it. So sure enough, we went to the store and were able to pick one up for $7.99.

The Dish Doctor comes ready to go and pre-loaded with 4 replaceable AA batteries. A quick inspection, and we're impressed. The red bristles, called the "power ring" are very, very stiff. They're designed to clean hard to reach edges and corners. The black bristles, specially made to remove baked on foods, are almost as rigid. And it's the job of the flexible white ones to wipe away loose foods.

We cleaned a bowl covered with barbecue sauce, a glass with dried on chocolate syrup inside, another bowl with dried on oatmeal, and a pan with scrambled egg remains.

And before you know it we're done. None of the items was a problem.

All in all we're pretty pleased. Everything is certainly clean enough to go into the dishwasher.

"Does It Work?" We give the Dish Doctor... a "yes".

Replacement brushes are available at the locations where Dish Doctor is available.