2 suspects named in Cherokee Co. shooting

Hugo Rincon
Hugo Rincon
Ruben Rincon
Ruben Rincon

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CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Cherokee County investigators tell us they have issued two arrest warrants for Ruben Rincon, 19, and Hugo Rincon, 22, both of Jacksonville.

At approximately 1:30pm Saturday, a 73-year-old male went to check his property on CR 3303 just west of Jacksonville.  Upon his arrival, he apparently interrupted 2 Hispanic males burglarizing a storage building on his property. Authorities are confident the Rincon brothers were those two men.

Deputies say the victim pulled his truck into the opening of his gate as the suspects were attempting to leave through the same gate, blocking their exit. The driver displayed a pistol and fired 2 rounds into the air as the passenger exited the vehicle and advanced on the victim, shooting him at least twice; once in the shoulder and once in the neck.

The passenger then opened the driver-side door of the victim's truck, threw him from the truck, and backed the truck out of the way of the suspects' vehicle. The victim was left wounded on the ground.

As the suspects left the property, the victim was able to identify two characters of the license plate.  He stated that it was a newer style license plate, containing 3 characters separate from the last 4 characters.

He stated the first 2 characters of the last set of 4 was N4 (XXX N4XX).

A passerby later found the victim on the ground and called 9-1-1, placing the victim on the phone with the Cherokee County 9-1-1 operator to give as much information as possible.

The victim was taken by ambulance to ETMC in Jacksonville where he began receiving treatment for the gunshot wounds.

The vehicle is described as a smaller 4 door car, dark in color possibly maroon.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cherokee County Sheriff's Department at 903-683-2271.

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