Salvation Army Mobile Canteen Heads To Coastal Texas

A crew from the Longview Salvation Army is already in coastal Texas ready to help residents pick up the pieces. The two man crew with a mobile canteen and van from the Longview Salvation Army left Tuesday morning.

Major John Queener says once the storm is over, they'll send for more help and supplies that will go to the hardest hit areas. The mobile canteen is loaded with emergency supplies and food that will help feed victims of Claudette for several days.

Major Queener says the Salvation Army always helps people who are hurting and in need. "That's what the Salvation Army is all about is helping people who are in need. Ever since the Galveston hurricane at the turn of the century. Somebody needs to be there to help them get over the shock, help them get re-established. We do it because people are hurting," says Major Queener.

The Salvation Army says they plan to be helping victims of the storm for the next 7 to 10 days.

Amy Tatum reporting.