Trinity Mother Frances Opens Heart Institute & Surgery Center

The Joseph Z. and Louise H. Ornelas Tower at Mother Frances Hospital is ready to serve you.

"It features the most innovative and advanced technology and healing concepts in the world," says Dr. Stephen Keuer.

It was designed with you, the patient in mind, to make your stay easier and quicker.

"I've been doing this for 25 years," says Leslie Nunn of sSurgical services, "and I have never seen a facility like."

This surgery center is equipped with the latest digital technology designed to cut down your surgery time and get you into recovery faster.

"These digital flat screens makes it easier to treat and diagnose people."

"There is nothing any better between here and Dallas, Corpus Cristi, Houston, or Shreveport. There is nothing in East Texas like this."

The new heart institute has 2 new cath labs which allow doctors to digitally see your heart, making treatment more effective.

"With 3-D imaging, we're actually able to look at what's going on inside this patients artery."

The Joseph Z. and Louise H. Ornelas Tower also has 152 private patient rooms designed with the patient and family in mind. Plus a roof top garden was added to help make your stay in the hospital as pleasant as possible.