A Better East Texas: Congress

Congressional leaders and President Obama met this week at a bipartisan summit to try to iron out a roadmap for the coming months and pass legislation that addresses the mounting domestic issues like unemployment benefits and the Bush-era tax cuts to name a few. Republicans are ready to charge ahead but there will be a lot of negotiating between now and passage of a provision on unemployment benefits but it will happen. The Bush-era tax cuts will probably be, at least partially, extended but even that will take new form. If there was ever a time for Congress to act with speed, this would be it.  We have only a few short weeks left before the New Year and some of these matters cannot wait until January one. It is the non-action that is holding our economy back almost as much as the game-changing legislation passed over the past two years and we can do something about. Now would be a great time to write your Congressman, wish them Season's Greetings and then tell them in the strongest language you choose to get to work. In fact, you can find links below to contact your representative. We have got to have progress and some words of motivation to Congress will make this a Better East Texas.