Family secretly videotaped suffering "extreme emotional trauma"

TYLER, TX - The woman and her daughter that were secretly videotaped by Dr. Charles Robinson, the dentist who was also their landlord, are reportedly suffering extreme emotional trauma.

See the letter from the family attorney below:

Please note I have been retained by the family allegedly victimized by Tyler dentist, Dr. Charles Robinson. First and foremost, I have been asked to thank you for respecting the family's privacy and maintaining press silence as to their identity.The discovery of surreptitiously placed cameras planted in the walls and ceilings of the bedrooms and bathrooms of the family's home continuously over the past three years has led to extreme emotional trauma to the family. Because of this, we are asking for your continued cooperation to allow the family an appropriate time and space to heal. The actions which were taken against this family were deplorable and inexcusable. The family commends the Smith County Sheriff's and the Smith County District Attorney's offices for their response and investigation leading to the arrest of Dr. Robinson. Henceforth, please direct all inquiries through my office, as I will be acting as the spokesperson in regard to the release of any information or statements. Thank you in advance in anticipation of your continued respect for the family's privacy.


The Carlile Law Firm, LLP

Bruce A. Craig