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Tyler woman loses home, unemployment benefits

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TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Unless Congress does something fast, unemployment benefits have been cut off for millions of Americans. So far, democrats and republicans have not been able to agree on a plan to extend them.

For many people, what could be their last unemployment check went out this week. One East Texan who lost her benefits said she now has to live next door to the place she once called home.

"See, this is my old house that I sold," Brandy Parsley said.

Parsley had to sell her home to avoid foreclosure after she was laid off. She now lives next door in a trailer.

"That's hard," she said. "I just try to look out the window and face the other direction so I don't have to see my house."

She has even turned her home so it faces a different direction. She said her children don't understand why.

"They go over and want to go in the other house," Parsley said.

Parsley also sold part of her back property to make ends meet. Now, without an unemployment check, she wonders what will go next.

"I've downsized, downsized, downsized, but there's a point where you can't downsize anymore," Parsley said. "You still need water you still need heat."

For months, Parsley said she has worked temporary jobs, but permanent work seems out of reach.

"It's hopeless to be sitting there looking for a job that 20 other people are looking for too," she said.

PATH Executive Director Christina Fulsom expects to see thousands of people like Parsley coming through their doors.

"I think it's going to be a tragedy," Fulsom said. "I think that there are thousands of people that relying on unemployment and unemployment is already paying very little right now. So they're already struggling and they're about to lose that little bit of income that they have available."

"I feel desperate for work. I do feel desperate for work."

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