Free Medication

"I go to the family planning clinic. they do regular blood screening and my cholesterol is high. They kept saying when are you going to the doctor, and I said when I get the money cause I don't have insurance," explain Michelle Robinson.

She like many East Texans can't afford medical care or prescription drugs. But a trip to the Smith County Health District changed all that. Patients at the clinic are eligible for a free prescription drug program.

"We're pretty lucky last year we got almost $2 million at the health district at no cost to us or to the tax payer. The drug companies give us the medicine at no cost," says director Nick Sciarini.

More than 46 drug companies offer the free prescriptions to patients who meet the qualifications.

The qualifications are generally making less than 200 percent above the poverty line. That means a family of four making 36,800 dollars a year or less qualifies. For a family of 2 -- it's 24, 240 dollars a year or less.

For Michelle the program is an answer to prayer.

"It took a load off cause medicine is expensive. With a program like this, I am very lucky."

You may be eligible for the program if you are a patient at the Smith County Health District. You can also sign up for the program at Path in Tyler, The Medication Station in Whitehouse, or you can ask your doctor to sign you up.

Path 903.597.4044

Smith County Health District 903.533.7410

The Medication Station 903.839.8072