Smith County dentist faces child pornography charges

Charles Robinson. Photo Source: Smith County Jail.
Charles Robinson. Photo Source: Smith County Jail.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Tyler dentist has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and improper visual recordings.

A 40 year-old Tyler woman reported finding video equipment in the attic of a home she was purchasing from her employer, 57-year old Dr. Charles Robinson.

According to the Smith County Sheriff's department, Robinson requested that the woman meet him at her home to get some tools from the attic. The woman knew the tools were stored near the attic stairs but could hear Robinson walking around on the other end of the residence.

The woman says she discovered Robinson on his knees digging through insulation. Upon questioning him, Robinson became very nervous, stating that he was investigating a broken light, and left quickly thereafter.

Sheriff JB Smith says the woman and a friend inspected the attic further and located a digital recording device with an attached camera. The camera was focused on the woman's bedroom and bathroom area.

Authorities also discovered additional holes in various other parts of the house, where the camera had been in the past, including holes above the woman's 15-year-old daughter's bedroom and bathroom.

Detectives secured search warrants for Robinson's residence on Gleneagles and his business located on Troup Highway. Detectives seized computers from both the residence and the office.

The mother and daughter had been living in the house for four years. Robinson admitted to recording them for the purpose of sexual gratification for the past three years.

Robinson had no prior criminal history.

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