A Better East Texas: Royal Pain

As citizens of the world we jumped to our collective feet a couple of weeks ago when the news broke that – drum roll please – Prince William and Kate announced their engagement. I can't help but wonder what the worldwide attraction is to this event. The wedding of Prince William will have little or nothing to do with a change in policy in the British government.  He won't even become king until after his father has sat on the throne as king. It especially won't have any impact on America or Americans and certainly not on our economy. So why the extreme interest in this event? I fear that it is because there is a worldwide shortage of honor and the hope of decency for the future. Most of us could not care less about the wedding but for some there is the hope of living vicariously though the event. Perhaps the high interest is also a statement on the condition of the American family that has taken a beating in the past twenty-five years since William's mother Diana was married to Prince Charles. Either way, the promise of a fairy tale life and existence will only happen if we invest time in our own families no matter what the shape or circumstance. I hope that William and Kate put as much into their marriage as they are their wedding and if so that is a lesson for us all and that will make for a Better East Texas.