Tyler police find car driven by accused child killer

Simon Lopez
Simon Lopez

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TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Tyler Police have located the missing car of an accused baby killer, but there is still no sign of Simon Lopez. Over the weekend, police found Lopez's car parked behind his friend's home. A capital murder warrant is still out for Lopez, who is accused of killing his girlfriend's son, one-year-old Jeremy Silva. Police say they may have to expand their search for Lopez beyond East Texas.

Days after police issued a capital murder arrest warrant for Lopez, neighbors watched his family pack up his belongings.

"I'm shocked they just packed up and left," said Dinnamon Davis, Lopez's friend and neighbor.

Police continue to patrol Lopez's old neighborhood, hoping someone knows where he's hiding.

"We're still on the lookout for him," said Officer Don Martin, a spokesperson for the Tyler Police Department. "At this point and time I have no idea where he's at.He does have a sister that lives in the Dallas area so we don't know if he's gone to the Dallas area to possibly be with her or anyone else down there."

Over the weekend, police did locate Lopez's Lincoln Town Car at his friend's home. A resident where the car was located says Lopez parked his car behind their home, said he was leaving to visit a girl and would come back later, but Lopez never did return.

"We searched the residence where the vehicle was located," said Martin. "Since then the vehicle's been repossessed by a finance company."

"It's just real, real sad," said Davis. "Like I said the whole family seemed like nice people."

Davis says he considered Lopez a friend. "I used to go over there periodically and visit them," he said.

Davis described Lopez as a nice guy. He says he never suspected Lopez would be accused of such a violent crime.

"We used to sit out in the yard and talk and stuff and he never seemed like a violent person or nothing like that," said Davis. "It's a sad circumstance and a sad story."

A sad story, Davis says he didn't see coming. "They [the children] didn't seem like they were in harm or nothing...just seemed like happy little kids."

Officers have still not located Lopez as of this time.  A $1,000 reward is being offered by Crime Stoppers for information leading to his arrest.

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