Holiday sales hot at pawn shops

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Not all the shoppers lined up in front of malls or department stores over the holiday shopping weekend. Pawn shops have become a popular shopping destination. Golf clubs, to diamonds, saddles to big screen televisions and power tools, all found at bargain prices.

"At a pawn shop you get a lot of different items you can find hard to find items for about half the price," says Jeff Mercer, sales manager at Solid Pawn in Longview.

Pawn shops have become today's general store, and holiday shoppers are getting the message.

"Its a very busy time as far as pawn and sales, we have pretty much anything for anybody at a fraction of the cost," Mercer says.

And that's the attraction, high priced items can be bought for at a huge discount. They buy it for a percentage of what is worth, and sell it at a profit, a good deal on both sides.

"A lot of people will come in looking for a specific item and end up getting something else they see," he says.

But some are pawning to make Christmas ends meet.

"People are having to pawn to buy Christmas," says Mercer.

From digital camera's to stun guns.

"Stun guns they're a very hot item this year, they'll go for between 25 and 50 dollars, they're great stocking stuffers," he says.

Pawn sales have followed the black Friday trend of increased sales. The only drawback, most pawn shops are not open on Sundays.

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