Family sifts through ashes after Thanksgiving fire

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

FLINT, TX (KLTV) - A new day brought Skip and Sandy Mills a new life without a home.  Their Thanksgiving meal was interrupted with a phone call telling them their home was in flames.

"I'm 64 and she's 63 and it's a little late in life to be starting over," Skip said.

Family members dug through the ashes today, salvaging the little left behind from the Thanksgiving blaze.

"Everybody that saw it said all the flames were coming up from the back," Sandy said.

Neither authorities nor their family knows just how the fire started.

"Before we left the house we checked to make sure everything was turned off," Skip said.

As they faced a shell of a home, small victories kept the couple going as the family found Sandy's wedding ring.

"You know what every little find is important," Skip said.

In a house filled with costly items and plenty of cash, the most prized finds were some of the most simple.

"Found my baseball glove of thirty years which is a major plus for me personally," Skip said.

And while they are without their home of 21 years, Skip says what's important is still here.

"That's my job in this world is to look after the family and keep them in a good place," Skip said. "I don't need to do this again."

The family said they plan on rebuilding at the same location and will spend the holidays with area relatives. Donations for the family are being accepted at Southside Baptist Church in Gresham.

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