Neighbors help find wheelchair purse snatcher

Terrelle Humphrey
Terrelle Humphrey

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Three suspects were arrested Tuesday and charged with snatching a purse from an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

Dr. Jeff Warren heard the aftermath of the purse snatching at his office on Walnut Grove.

"I heard a lady screaming right outside that wall," said Warren.

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, is in a wheelchair and recovering from a near fatal car accident in September.

"Hurt's not the word to use, I am extremely angry," she said. "Blew my mind that somebody would stoop so low to steal from somebody that's sitting in a wheelchair."

After a doctor's visit on Tuesday, three strangers distracted the victim while a fourth snuck up.

"The fourth guy said, 'excuse me, ma'am'," she said. "And as I turned, he reached over me and grabbed my purse. I held onto my purse and struggled with him for a minute. And I screamed bloody murder."

The commotion brought other patients and nearby shoppers. Many neighbors helped track down the purse snatchers. Two took off running down a nearby drainage ditch. The two others got caught running up Tillman.

"Within two hours, they had all four of the people who had stolen this lady's pocketbook," said Warren. "And they had her pocketbook."

Terrelle Humphrey is charged with robbery along with three juveniles. The victim said she is grateful for the community's help.

"I feel forever indebted to these people," she said.

She had a cautionary word for the suspects who snatched her purse.

"I believe that if they straighten themselves out, then they can have a chance in this life," she said. "I believe if they don't, then they're not going to go far."

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