Facing Thanksgiving as a compulsive overeater

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's a holiday of abundance. Where families feast on big meals before watching the big game. But for more than a million Americans, Thanksgiving traditions can be painful ones as they fight an often secret addiction. Compulsive overeaters face a temptation far more accessible than any drug.

Cynthia is a compulsive overeater who is addicted to consuming the very thing she's surrounded by in her kitchen. "We were taught by example that food equals love," said Cynthia. "You know that you can comfort yourself with food you can soothe yourself with food." It was food she turned to when she left friends behind in California for a move to East Texas.  "For three years I just sort of ate myself over 300 pounds," said Cynthia.

The consequences were seen in pictures, prompting a change Cynthia had never tried. She turned to Overeaters Anonymous, the international group helping more than fifty thousand people in private, which is why we won't show you Cynthia's face.

"I plan what I'm going to eat that day," said Cynthia as she enters her days food intake into her I-phone. Her goal weight is programmed in letting her have the most precise Thanksgiving dinner at exactly 563 calories, pretty healthy considering the average is nearly 3,000.

You can find out more about compulsive overeating at Overeaters Anonymous web site here.

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