Black Friday shoppers set up camp

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They're the annual sales offering hundreds even thousands of dollars in savings. The countdown to Black Friday has officially begun and believe it or not, customers are already camping out for sale items.

It's T-minus nearly two days until the big sale day, but at Best Buy in Tyler you best get in line. "We figured it would be best to get out here before anyone else does so we don't have to fight for anything," said camping shopper Michael Whitehead.

"The family that camps together stays together," said Michael's mother Linda. The group of five arrived at midnight this morning determined to be first. "This is a first to camp out," said Linda. "We're not camping people that's what's funny so this has really been an experience."

Tight quarters don't offer much privacy, but the family says they have all they need.

"Dr. Pepper and water it's all you need," said Michael. "For bathroom situations we've got Chick-Fil-A and McDonald's."

When the weather changes the family even has a back up plan. "We have the generator right here that's what's we're going to use for the heater, and xbox live," said Michael.

Leaving the family a day of planning and nearly three days of waiting all for one TV. "Hoping to get this one, hoping it's in my price range, can't wait to see what deals they've got," said Michael.

Since 3 in the afternoon yesterday Julio Chavez has been waiting and offers the best Black Friday advice. "Make sure you're accompanied by someone you get along with because you'll be here awhile," said Chavez.

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