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07/10/03 - Longview

Soccer Controversy

Many soccer supporters went away from Thursday's city council meeting in Longview with the same feeling; the council had not listened to their case. A solution was agreed upon by the Longview City Council, but it's not what many in the Greater Longview Soccer Association wanted. In the end, the city decided for construction of a new facility at Lear Park. 

Numerous supporters of the Strohs field aquisition urged the council to buy the existing fields at an $800,000 price tag. However, a majority of the council pressed the issue for a state of the art facility at Lear Park. Many saw no reason to move from a location they had worked and played on for years. The council's decision gives the association a permanent home, just not the one it wanted.

Rob Wallin, a soccer supporter said he's disappointed, "Disappointed that they asked for some input and didn't really pay attention to it, just hard to explain right now, somewhat surprized at a few of the people on the council.

Mayor Murray Moore said, "I have a problem with a conflict of interest.  In my opinoin right now if we had to spend 20 million dollars over at Lear Park I would go that route than pay them $800,000 for this land."

The Lear Park project is expected to take 12 months to complete. In the mean time, the soccer association has a lease at Strohs until 2005.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.
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