A Better East Texas: TSA

The Transportation Safety Administration or T-S-A imposed stringent airport security rules that include very thorough pat-downs or x-ray type body screeners. This holiday millions of people are flying and are subject to the new rules and it is all in the interest of protecting us from another terrorist attack. Critics of the extreme measures say that the pat downs are offensive and the body screeners are potentially a health risk as well as a violation of privacy, but you know what this approach works. We have dodged several attempted terror attacks recently. This is the new price we will all have to pay to fly the friendly skies and it is a long way from the seemingly laughable metal detectors we used to pass through ten short years ago. This is the new reality if you want the convenience of flying. That's right flying is a convenience and these additional safety precautions are there for a reason. For those that see the new security rules as a problem always remember that you can always take a train, a bus or a good old fashioned road trip in a car to your destination. These new restrictions are a small inconvenience in an ever changing, threatening world and embracing them instead of protesting them will strengthen our country and make for a Better East Texas.