A sharp surprise in a fast food burger

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Jacqie Manning said she was only going to get a drink from the Sonic at 5611 South Broadway in Tyler, but went ahead and ordered a cheeseburger.

After she left the drive-through, she says she was lucky to make the discovery that she did.

"I went to sit it back down, and luckily, I discovered a nail that had fallen out of the burger," Manning said. "Luckily I didn't bite into it, or begin chewing it."

"The nail was about an inch and a half, to two inches, with a sharp point. "I was kind of surprised it was quite rusty, had brown on it, quite dirty."

Manning says she's heard of things being found in food before, but nothing like this.

"Not something that could harm you if you actually ingested it or ate it," Manning said.

Jacqie and her husband work together, and she showed it to him when she got back to work. They contacted the restaurant, and were surprised by the response.

"The manager asked if it was a nail or a screw," Manning said. "And I said, 'Well a nail.' So she said, 'We only have screws here.'"

But the Mannings were happy after the manager told them how they'd keep it from happening again.

"They thoroughly cleaned all of their lettuce, their whole prep area, and checked things, and threw it away."

The restaurant also said they would reimburse Jacqie for the burger. Now, Jacqie's just glad it was her who found it, and not her four year old daughter. She also says she'll be eating fast food a little differently.

"I'll thoroughly check my food before I just bite into it," Manning said. "Make sure that nothing's embedded or falling out, or part of it that shouldn't be."

In a statement, Sonic's Director of External Communications, Christi Woodworth, tells KLTV 7, "Every Sonic Drive-In is audited twice each year by a third-party vendor for adherence to Sonic's strict health and sanitation standards, which meet or exceed all local, regional and national food safety standards. The South Broadway location historically scores above 90% on its food safety audits."

Sonic also says they will work with the customer after their investigation is complete.

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