Kilgore Homeowners Looking For Help After Explosion

Esther Pollard's life has been turned upside down since the tragedy at Lamb Entertainment.

"They put me in a hotel for four days after that we were on our own," says Esther.

Bricks are falling from her house, windows shattered, walls cracked and she just paid of her house in 2001.

"I don't have enough insurance to rebuild and I am hoping we'll get some help from somebody," Esther says.

But many people in this tight knit community aren't expecting to rebuild overnight, and they're not accusing anyone of doing anything wrong, they're just looking for guidance.

"This is something I have never experienced as far as legal advice is concerned," says James Kenney.  "I don't know which direction to go in."

James Kenney's family who was insured lives across the street from Esther. They're already up to $100,000 dollars in damages on their home, not including the contents inside.

The city of Kilgore wants the people in the fifty homes damaged to know they're working for them.

"I have also been in touch with the state insurance board and told them I am little concerned about the insurance companies expediting this along," says James Kenney. "We are trying to get that info to the neighborhood where they'll know they will have some kind of feeling someone is doing something."

Until then, the families in the Pentecost neighborhood will continue to pray that every home can be restored, but never forgetting the lives that were lost.

We tried to contact Lamb Entertainment, but were unsuccessful and their insurance adjuster was not able to comment to the media.

If you need a way to file a claim, you can call the city of Kilgore and ask for Ronnie Moore or B.J. Owen.

Dana Dixon reporting